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Main Types of Documents Translated

To ensure the best quality possible, I concentrate primarily on the following fields and types of documents.

Data Protection Canadian Securities Law Finance Business
Privacy notices/statements/policies Long/short form prospectuses Service agreements Press releases Codes of conduct
Cookie policies Annual information forms Terms and conditions of use Financial prospectuses Articles of association
Data processing agreements Financial statements Non-disclosure agreements Credit agreements Bylaws
Privacy impact assessments (PIAs) Management reports of fund performance Sales contracts Financial statements Other types of corporate documents
Binding corporate rules Notices of annual meetings, resolutions, forms of proxy, management information circulars Various documents from the banking sector (procedures, guidelines, charters, user manuals, etc.) HR documents, such as CVs and individual performance evaluations
Security policies Fund Facts/ETF Facts
Records of processing activities Amendments

Three Service Levels Tailored to Your Needs

Here are the three standard levels of service that I offer. Are you unsure about the type of service you are looking for? Based on the aim of your translation project and the unique features of your organization, I would be happy to guide you toward the service best suited to your needs. Clear communication between the translator and the client is essential for a good translation.

Level 1

I translate your English/Danish/Swedish document into French and review it.

Level 2

I translate your document and have it reviewed by another trusted freelance translator.

Level 3

I provide a summary of your English/Danish/Swedish document in French.


Every translation project is unique. To avoid any unforeseen expenses or delays in delivery, I encourage you to request a quote. Every request is free, and there is no obligation to commit. Your customized quote will establish the terms and conditions of delivery based on the following:

  • Service level requested

  • Language of the document to translate

  • Level of difficulty of the content to translate

  • File or document format

  • Deadlines

Customized Data Protection

Regardless of the service level you select, you can benefit from processes that I have put into place to protect your data from start to finish—when it is in transit, undergoing translation and being stored. Would you like more information? Request a copy of my Security Policy.

Quality Control

In keeping with standard practice within the translation profession, I only translate into my native language, French, from the languages that I’ve studied—English, Danish and Swedish. English is my primary working language, and Danish and Swedish are my secondary working languages. To ensure the quality of a Level 1 translation (which is reviewed by me), I use the following seven-step quality control methodology. To read the complete methodology, click here.

   Click image to review my quality control process

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